Presbyopia: Better vision at all distances without glasses

Presbyopia: Better vision at all distances without glasses

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The most common way to improve your vision is with the use of glasses that are for myopia, presbyopia or multifocal.

With the development of modern technology, we now have a second solution for people who want to improve their vision at all distances, which is the use of multifocal contact lenses.


Why didn’t people with presbyopia choose them in the past?


Multifocal lenses appeared many years ago, but were only used by a small percentage of people with presbyopia. This was justified, because the lenses did not have the ability to correct astigmatism. Moreover, the multifocal technology in this small area of ​​the lens couldn’t sustain the technology of correction for all distances.


This problem, however, is no longer an issue since the creation of the most modern multifocal lenses, Omega 6. These lenses can correct even small-scale astigmatism (40% of the population has some, albeit small, degree of astigmatism). Now, thanks to the use of new technologies and the expertise of EYEART Laboratories’ opticians, everyone can have a personalized lens which can meet any of their needs, thus improving their vision and quality of life.


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