Delta IRIS Faq

ACCESS prosthetic Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is there a possibility to correct vision as well as the aesthetic result?

YES, the manufactured lens can incorporate myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.

  • Can be fitted in cases of aphakia (cataract surgery without intraocular lens implantation)? 

YES, the power of the lens that has been extracted, can be incorporated in the Delta IRIS lens.

  • Can be fitted in cases of irregular astigmatism?

YES, the fitting and prescription measurements are performed using the DELTA CONUS trial set, which is design for irregular astigmatism.

  • Do Delta IRIS lenses have any difference with the rest of soft lenses?

NO, they are the same as any conventional replacement soft lens.

  • When Delta IRIS lenses are replaced? 

The recommended use is between 12 and 18 months.

  • Since when Delta IRIS lenses exist?

Access lenses are used since 2000, approximately.

  • How Delta IRIS lenses are cleaned and disinfected?

They are disinfected and stored, using PEROXIDE contact lens solutions ONLY, as Queens, Easysept, Aosept or equivalent products that use neutralizing tablets instead of the platinum disc in the case. For better cleaning of the lens surface, lens surfactant may be used, as OTE Clean. After the use of surfactant, the lenses must be rinsed thoroughly with saline solution, WITHOUT preservatives.

  • Which solution is used for the rinsing of Delta IRIS lenses?

Only PRESERVATIVE FREE SALINE solution (0.9% NaCL)  can be used for rinsing.

  • How can be ordered? 

Delta IRIS lenses are ordered ONLY through contact lens fitters, who are responsible to diagnose the indications fulfilled for the prosthetic lens and provide the lens use instructions as well as the wearing schedule.