EYEART Laboratories has evolved efficient lens designs, in terms of comfort, vision excellence and fitting philosophy.

Leading designs as DUALASCON gp for keratoconus, DELTA CONUS soft lens for keratoconus and post graft and EPSILON scleral lens for any ectatic cornea, are some of the most succesful lens designs. They are created from experienced contact lens fitters, used vastly in cases indicated. The same fitters offer our customers, clinical and technical support.

Our company is specialised in ocular prosthetic rehabilitation, providing a range of products: ACCESS soft hand painted prosthetic lenses, EPSILON PROSTHETIC scleral lenses and BioEye custom ocular prostheses (artificial eyes).

Companies that are interested in distributing EYEART Laboratories’ contact lenses may contact:

Lefteris Karageorgiadis
Professional Affairs