BioEye Pmma Prostheses


BioEye fitters and manufacturers, EYEART Laboratories team members, collaborate successfully with health care professionals and especially with surgeons, the last 25 years. The success of this collaboration is emphasized by the hundreds of satisfied patients accomplishing the aesthetic and functional result of prosthetic rehabilitation.

This collaboration is essential for multiple reasons. Some of those are:
⇒ The creation of an even, right in dimensions socket in which the BioEye will be placed, following evisceration or exenteration.
⇒ Follow up for the possible remaining sutures which interfere with patient’s comfort.
⇒ The surgical preparation which a phthisic eye needs before the fitting of BioEye.
⇒ Providing conjunctival conformers for socket retainment.
⇒ The manufacture of custom conformers in cases of socket particularities or space issues.
⇒ The manufacture of custom conformers in cases of socket reconstruction to provide stability to the surgical outcome.
⇒ Eyelid surgery planning during BioEye fitting process or the appropriate prostheses modifications, facilitating surgery and improving the outcome.
⇒ Planning strategy of superior sulcus deformity, which sometimes is present in anophthalmic patients.
⇒ Surface and volume design of the BioEye for the normal eyelid function. Great importance when dry eye syndrome is present or malfunction of the relevant glands.
⇒ Check of the surface of BioEye and possible reconstruction when needed.
⇒ Ideal lubricating solution with the use of BioEye.
⇒ Check and common treatment (medication and BioEye modification) when alterations of conjunctival tissue occur, evident with appropriate stains.