Presbyopia 2021: Innovations that change everyday life

Presbyopia 2021: Innovations that change everyday life

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Glasses are the standard solution for people with presbyopia who want a better vision. But now, with the new technology of multifocal lenses, it is not the only one. Multifocal lenses operate in concentric circles in front of our eyes, so that all the gradations in our visual specter are stable. This means that with the use of multifocal lenses you will have optimal vision at all distances - near, far and in between. Unlike multifocal glasses, they do not have areas with peripheral optical aberrations, so they are very easy and quick to get used to.


The modern multifocal contact lenses introduced this year, have significant advantages compared to their ancestors:


  • Personalized design for each different degree of presbyopia.
  • Correction of astigmatism with precise correction of prescription grades
  • Personalized application parameters of lens curvatures, offering maximum comfort and quality of vision.

These revolutionary options make the new OMEGA 6 multifocal contact lenses the ideal solution for anyone who needs to correct different degrees of near and far vision.


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