Presbyopia 2022

Presbyopia 2022

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How do I see with multifocal contact lenses?

Multifocal lenses correct presbyopia through invisible circles in the visual field. The distant, intermediate and near prescription of vision coexist at the same time. When we look far, the eye uses the distal areas of the lens. When we see objects that are closer, the pupil shrinks and the central area of the lens is being used.


Can astigmatism be corrected?

With the latest generation of OMEGA 6 & OMEGA 6 TORIC multifocal lenses, astigmatism can be completely corrected, improving vision at all distances.


I wear glasses. Can I also wear contact lenses?

 We always recommend a personalized solution based on each person’s specific needs. Multifocal contact lenses can be the solution for most hours of the day, or they can be used in alternation with eyeglasses, multifocal or other.


Why should I choose multifocal lenses and not another type of correction?

* Your presbyopia will keep on increasing. With each use of contact lenses, vision is corrected as much as possible.

* If there is myopia or hyperopia, it can also be corrected with each re-examination and scheduled lens replacement.

* The correction is reversible and safe. If the vision is not satisfactory, you can choose another solution, without having altered the anatomy or physiology of the eyes.

* EYEART guarantees optimal results with OMEGA 6 & OMEGA 6 TORIC lenses, adjusting the visual correction and anything else that you might need.

* The use of multifocal lenses can be alternatively combined easily, with glasses far, close or multifocal, for the rest of the day.


Can the first adjustment with multifocal lenses cause dizziness?

No. Because the gradation of the degrees on the contact lenses is made in concentric circles, the first application will not make you dizzy.


Do multifocal lenses or glasses need to be worn constantly?

 No. Glasses and contact lenses are corrective tools for better vision, not a cure. They are used whenever one needs to see better. You can use them all day or occasionally for a few hours. They are often used in leisure time, on rainy days or in conditions where the glasses get dirty or blur more easily.


How well will I see with the OMEGA 6 multifocal contact lenses?

 The OMEGA 6 personalized contact lenses are made with the exact prescription of your myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Therefore, your vision will be at its optimal condition. It is also very likely that a three-dimensional phenomenon will appear around small objects / details, due to the multifocality that is constantly at the front of your field of vision.


Can I wear multifocal lenses if I only have presbyopia?

 Yes. Multifocal lenses can be used with the same comfort as those who have never worn glasses and have shown only early signs of presbyopia.


I have had refractive surgery in the past to correct farsightedness and now I have presbyopia. Can I wear multifocal lenses?

 Yes. It makes no difference whether someone has ever worn prescription glasses or not. Presbyopia usually appears around the age of 43 to 45 years.


I have never worn contact lenses. At what age can I start using multifocal contact lenses?

Age is not a factor that affects the use of contact lenses. The contact lens applicator will select the lens settings and is responsible for educating the new user on how to use the lenses, whether they are 8 or 88 years old.


I have a prescription for glasses. Can I order multifocal lenses?

 Although the prescription is the key element of visual correction, it is not enough if you want to achieve optimal vision and comfort. The qualified applicator must balance the binocular prescription, an important condition for success, measure the curves of the eye and choose the appropriate ones for the contact lens and ensure the smooth presence of tears.


Presbyopia changes over time. How is it treated with contact lenses?

 The OMEGA 6 & OMEGA 6 TORIC multifocal lenses need to be replaced every 6 months, since they are used almost daily. Therefore, every six months the applicator is recommended to check the ocular surface and the visual correction. This way, any change in presbyopia will be corrected with the new lenses.


How much will the OMEGA 6 and OMEGA 6 TORIC multifocal lenses cost me?

 The cost of the lenses ranges between 21€ - 33€ per month, with daily use, depending on whether there is astigmatism and the supply package that you will choose. At the same time, the additional cost of cleaning and disinfection must be calculated, ranging from 7€ - 10€ monthly.