Near centre multifocal lens. Available in GM and SiHy materials

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Soft multifocal lens with central near zone.

OMEGA has a unique design, combining aspheric fitting and optics as well as enhanced distance zone, correcting at the same time presbyopia of 2.50 D.

Myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia

Available parameters:
Base curves 8.50 (Additional parameters available)
Diopters +20.00 to -30.00 in 0.25D
Diameter 14.50 (Additional parameters available)
Optical zone 8.00 @ -3.00 D
Material GM Advance 49%, HEMA 42%

OMEGA 6 υλικό SiHy Dk 50, 74% water, modulus 0.40

Aspheric fitting assures the correct lens centration, without displacing the location of optical axis, well known of its extreme importance in multifocal corrections.