5 benefits of using scleral contact lenses

5 benefits of using scleral contact lenses

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Scleral contact lenses are being manufactured by oxygen-permeable materials, with a diameter slightly larger than the soft contact lenses’, so that they can be applied on the sclera (the white of the eye), which has far fewer nerve endings than the cornea.

Due to their appliance on the cornea, scleral contact lenses are deemed as more comfortable for the users.


Except for the conformity that they provide, there are many other benefits in choosing scleral contact lenses:


  1. They create a stable new visual surface that completely regulates the astigmatism and the abnormal astigmatism of the anterior surface of the cornea
  2. No surface of the lens touches the cornea, which should not be 'rubbed' by the lens
  3. The circumference of the lens 'closes' on the sclera so that their position is stable and so that they do not shift during each use
  4. The attributes mentioned above make scleral lenses the most comfortable lenses for the user
  5. They are not easily affected by external conditions. No dust gets under the lens, they do not move when a lot of water comes into contact with the users’ face and they are not displaced by air