Delta for Astigmatism


Soft toric lens
The DELTA toric lens has been statistically shown the most successful toric lens (95% success with the first fitting). With endless possibilities of correction, the optical design guarantees maximum visual correction. The curved design ensures a thin, comfortable lens for everyday use.
Astigmatism, early keratoconus, pellucid degeneration
Available parameters:
Base curves: 7.80 to 9.60 mm in 0.10 mm steps
Sphere: +25.00 to -30.00 D in 0.10 mm steps
Diameter: 14.50 mm (additional parameters also available)
Astigmatism: up to –9.00 D in 0.25D steps
Central thickness: 0.10 mm @ -5.00 D
Materials: GM Advance 49%, HEMA 42%

The DELTA lens has been designed to ensure the highest optical performance of the patient and the required confidence to the fitter, especially with astigmatism over 2.00 diopters. The stabilization is prismodynamic, balancing the maximum eyelid comfort with the appropriate stabilization.

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