Delta Conus

Soft lens for keratoconus, asymmentric astigmatism and transplanted cornea
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Soft lens for keratoconus, asymmetric astigmatism and transplanted cornea
The most comfortable and easy to use soft lens for all types of transplanted cornea and keratoconus.
Keratoconus after transplantation, irregular astigmatism
Available parameters:
Base curves: 7.80 by 9.60 in 0.10 mm steps
Sphere: +25.00 To -30.00 in 0.25 D steps
Diameter: 14.50 mm (έως 15.00)
Astigmatism: -0.25 to -12.00 in 0.25 D steps
Central thickness: 0.30 to 0.45 mm
Materials: Definitive H2O: 74%, HEMA – NVP H2O: 67%

Indicated also in cases of irregular astigmatism due to corneal trauma or surgery.
Replacement: 3 months for Sihy and 6 months for HEMA-NVP 67% (depends also on the tear film and method of disinfection/cleaning)

Download product brochure and fitting guide