Delta 6 SiHy for Astigmatism

Soft toric lens, quarterely or biannually replaced
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Soft toric lens, quarterly or biannually replaced
DELTA 6 toric lens has been proved, statistically, the most successful toric lens (95% success rate from the first fit). They practically offer infinite correction possibilities. Its optical design fulfills absolute correction. The fitting design leads to a thin and comfortable lens for daily use.
Astigmatism, initial keratoconus, pellucid degeneration
Available parameters:
Base curves: 7.80 to 9.60 mm in 0.10 steps
Sphere: +25.00 to –30.00 D in 0.25 D steps
Diameters: 14.50 mm (Additional parameters available)
Astigmatism: up to –6.00 D in 0.25 D steps
Central thickness: 0.10 mm @ -5.00 D
Materials: Definitive SiHy H2O: 74%, HEMA – NVP H2O: 67%

DELTA 6 lens has been designed to ensure maximum visual acuity to the user and provide the required confidence to the fitter, especially in cases with more than 2.00 D of astigmatism. The stabilization method is prismodynamic, counterbalancing comfort to the eyelids and stabilization.

Download product brochure and fitting guide