Beta Aspheric

Rigid gas permeable aspheric
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Rigid gas permeable aspheric
The first lens of choice when corneal astigmatism is up to 1.50 D. The elliptics fitting curves, coincides perfectly with the corneal shape, to obtain comfort throughout the wearing schedule.
Myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia up to 1.25 D ADD, astigmatism up to 1.50 D, first and second stage of keratoconus
Available parameters:
Base curves: 7.00 to 8.60 mm in 0.10mm steps, aspheric design
Diopters: +35.00 to -35.00 in 0.25 D steps
Diameters: 9.80 (Additional parameters available on request)
Materials: Optimum Extreme Dk 125, Optimum Extra Dk 100, Boston XO Dk 100, Optimum hi refractive index, Paragon FSA 52

The Beta lens has been designed according to the corneal shape statistics, satisfying the demanding fitters. The relatively large diameter ensures stable fit and minimal lid interaction. The optical zone is enlarged offering stable vision in any lighting conditions.

Download product brochure and fitting guide